Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Why am I learning Japanese?

Why did you choose to study Japanese?
-I chose to study Japanese because I want to communicate with my Japanese fans. Every time when I visited Japan if I had concert, even though I wanted to convey my words and messages, I was not able to convey my messages clearly. Therefore, by learning Japanese, I would like to become a step closer to my Japanese Fans

What are you excited, and what you find difficult after the first 4 weeks of the class?
-I am excited about the fact that I mastered the Hiragana; moreover, I knew nothing about the grammar in Japanese, but I came to know the fundamental level of Japanese grammar after the 4 weeks of the class.
-I can see how the level of Japanese is getting harder as day goes on. I am worried whether I can master Katakana like I did Hiragana. However, learning Japanese is interesting!!


  1. you got fans? so you are a star in Japan?

    1. His name is AJ He is a member of the kpop group UKISS
      U can find them on YouTube, they're amazing

    2. he's an amazing and talented rapper of the kpop group U-KISS :D

    3. we'll aren't you late? kekekeke
      He didn't tell you?
      here: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/ukiss-aj

      please take good care of my feline friend ^^ Arigatou ^^

      AJ i remember you telling me in Japan "Have you eaten?" and pronounced "eaten" wrong haha... i hope you're better now ^^

    4. He is our Aj, part of lovely korean group U-KISS..

    5. i guess you're a classmate of his. yes, he's in a fairly well known kpop group with fans all around the world. look up ukiss on youtube. :P lol

    6. we can say he is a star in japan since U-kiss is also making japanese music and all and has japanese fans so yeah he is a star in japan alongside with his U-kiss members..we miss you like crazy AJ.comeback soon !! Fighting!!!

  2. I think I have heard some of your music before!

  3. He is a Korean singer, and part of Korean pop group, U Kiss. :D They're cool! You should check their songs. :') AJ, good luck! Love you!

  4. Study hard in New York and come back to U-Kiss stronger than ever :D

  5. JaeSeop-ah~ You're going to have a lot of comment.... Oh god x) Study well in america. Kiss me are missing you but please focus on your dream ♥

    *a belgian noona*

  6. You'll speak Japanese like a boss after this! Kkk

  7. wow that's very nice AJ!!! :) I hope that I can meet you someday so that you can teach me Japanese and I can teach you Chinese if you want. :)

  8. Good luck with your studies, AJ! <3
    We're so proud to have you here, in New York, and I hope learning Japanese won't be too difficult.


  9. AJ is making us proud haha!! I'm glad you're willing to continue learning Japanese :) It will help you a lot with promotions~^^

  10. sigh i can still never remember characters. even hiragana kills me. gaaah! but just learning speech-form wouldn't be enough if we don't learn the readings, right. tsktsk....

  11. Hi AJ (: I've just started learning Japanese at university! How are you finding it? It's pretty hard, no?~ I'm learning Korean with it as well, ahhh I wish I was bilingual like you c: ~

  12. OH HI AJ~~ wahaha yes he is a star~...he's the star of my life~!! LOLS goodluck dear on your studies~ Kissmes are here! :P

  13. that's so nice jaeseop :) keep studying hard, take your time and then come back smarter than ever ha!
    lots of love x

  14. im surprised that some people still dont know that you're famous though....?

  15. I miss you so much Jaeseop TAT Study well~ Fighting!~~

  16. I wish my school didn't scam me and I could take Japanese classes, too :/ Good luck by the way! :DD

  17. Study hard :) Kiss Me are missing u ♥ Fighting!^-^

  18. YAY! I miss you :3 but, have fun blogging ^^ i'm sure it'll take over your life very soon~

  19. AJ study hard! I'm studying Japanese and Korean too and I know it's difficult. But when you're able to talk and build sentences you'll feel proud of yourself.
    Hope to see you again on stage soon <3

  20. Hello, Jaeseop!^^ I just wanted to wish you luck with the rest of your studies. Also, I'm taking Japanese for the first time as well, so let's wish each other the best and good luck in mastering the Japanese language! だいすき!

  21. good luck AJ...I know you will make us proud.

  22. It's always difficult to learn another language, but from what you've written it seems like you've progressed more than you would have thought. So proud of you and anyone taking up another language. Good luck and hopefully it'll get easier as you start to learn more.

  23. I love it !! ^_^ I miss you ♥ Fighting !!

  24. our Jaeseop is studying hard!!! :) we are so proud of you ^^ fighting! <3 we miss you in Colombia T.T

  25. Hey AJ! How are you! A new blogger in the blogosphere. I hope that u have success in your studies. I'm sure that you be fluent in Japanese. As we all know that the practice take us to the perfection. Study, practice and you'll get what u want!
    Fighting and a LOT of kisses from BRAZIL. Yes, dongsaeng, Brazil! We are here for u always!

  26. I also started studying Japanese a month ago in a university! ^^ Though I had already learned hiraganas, katakanas and some kanjis too by myself before so it was easier to start. But in a way it gets easier after you learn hiragana and katakana! A big obstacle has already been taken! ;)
    Good luck with studying AJ! Let's see how well we progress! haha

  27. We're so proud of you, Jaeseop! Do well in school, good luck, and come back to Kissmes quickly! We miss you like crazy!

  28. Hey, long time no see :)
    I'm sure you can master Katakana as well!
    Take care of you and don't overwork.

    I hope you can enjoy your time and good luck for your studies.
    Hope we'll hear and see a little bit more from you from now on ;)

    Fighting~~! ^^

    PS: Greeting from german Kiss Me ♥

  29. This is a great reason to study Japanese! I'm learning it too~ 頑張ってください~ AJ 화이팅! (๑˙︶˙๑)♡

  30. hey Jaeseop you have studied hard huh?^^
    I'm proud of your wise brain
    now you should learn portuguese because of your brazilian fans lol
    just kidding.
    Don't forget to update your blog okay??~~

  31. AJ FIGHTING!!♥ You are only a sate away from me but you feel so much closer when you are with U-KISS ;( study very hard! You make kissme's SO PROUD :') i love you! have a good night ♥

  32. AJにほんごの べんきょう fighting!!!Kissmeが にほんで まってるよ!はやく あいたいな><

  33. KissMes are proud of you AJ♥ Keep studying hard! Fighting! We miss you a lot and hope you're doing fine~

  34. 오빠~ 화이팅 <3 you know the all your fans support you! and the fact that you chose to study japanese for your fans is just incredible!! lots of love from switzerland <3 잘하고 빨리 다시 도라와 ㅋㅋㅋ 킷미들 재섭을 너무 보고싶어~<3

  35. That's awesome that you are studying Japanese! I'm a student that's about to transfer to a university and I'm studying Japanese and Korean :-D I'm quite impatient in learning them though so I have bought tons of Japanese and Korean textbooks, audiobooks, workbooks, etc. Keep working hard AJ :-)

  36. AJ fighting!! we KissMes are sooo proud of you^^ goodluck on your studies~ we'll always support you no matter what~ :D あいしてる♥いつもがんばってください!!>w<!!

  37. I'm sure you'll master Katakana aswell!study well in the U.S.
    I'm looking forward to seeing you reunited with U-KISS (*^▽^*)

    Warm regards from your Kiss Me from Switzerland (#^.^#)

  38. AJ, welcome to blogosphere!! It's difficult learn another language but with patient, constancy and practice, you can do it ^^
    Good luck!!

  39. Woow!! so sweet AJ!! next language has to be Spanish so you could comunicate with Mexican fans, OK?

    I hope our comments help you with your homework!

    Lots of love!!!


    1. oh yeah!! that will be amazing! *w* and of course with all the latins fans :D
      FIGHTING OPPA!! <3

  40. Oppa! I'm so happy for you, you can't even imagine. Even tought I miss you so much in U-Kiss I'm so happy you get to study in such a great university! You make fans very proud!
    Keep working hard and I'm sure you'll be able to learn Katakana! Saranghae, oppa! We'll always be by your side.
    - from a French Kiss Me who misses you and hope you'll be back in Paris for Music Bank or a whole U-Kiss concert.
    Fighting! You can do it, AJ!

  41. you make us so proud! ^^ i wish i could study Japanese too but i have to focus on learning french hehe~ good luck! <3

    greetings from germany again :p

  42. I learned Japanese the first year of uni. I still remember alot. But more speaking than writing XD. I know most hiragana though... I want to learn more... and Chinese and Korean.. but.... so tricky XD

    I'm sure you'll do awesome :DDD

  43. Jaeseop or AJ... well fighting! I really think you're amazing! You are so young and you can take these kind of decision! Your English is so good~! I really think you can speak a good Japanese! All Kiss Me support you and all U-Kiss too, but you know that right? Anyway... I have to practice more my English and I have to learn more Japanese! You are really a great example! I'm proud to be one of your fan!

    Good luck! Fighting!

  44. if you need help with your Japanese i'm here!!!! good luck!!!!!!!!

  45. 日本語を勉強することがむずかしいですが、でもおもしろいですね。がんばってください!(Studying Japanese is difficult. But it's fun, right? Please do your best!) I'm in my third semester at my university. Katakana can be a bit difficult (half my difficulty is making out what the words are in katakana @.@) but Kanji is the real feat! Gear up and get ready for it. They can be very interesting though and make writing or understanding words easier. There is just a lot of them... I'm continuing studying Japanese while also learning Korean, though it's difficult to do at the same time. My university doesn't offer Korean language classes though, so I have to learn by myself or from my Korean friends. Sigh...Let's both do well! ^_- 화이팅!

  46. AJ, you can do it! Hwaiting!! You'll do great! I'm learning Chinese and I memorized the whole Korean alphabet, so I know a couple phrases, but you learn faster than me! ^^ *from a KissMe in Florida, USA*

  47. I study Japanese, I'm from mexico.
    is Korean but is very difficult for Japanese kanji

  48. I think you'll get it right.
    You can do it. Study hard, Jaeseop ♥

  49. Since I've studied japanese too I know what you mean by saying that as days go by, it gets harder and harder. Katakana won't be as easy as the hiragana, I can tell you that LOL. But you'll manage it, I'm sure of it ^^ BTW, get ready for the kanjis and how to use them correctly, maybe it'll be difficult at the beginning but if you study hard you'll manage it too.
    Maybe it's because I already know 6 languages (spanish [I'm spanish], english, portuguese, french, italian and japanese) and I love to learn more and more, but I find it very interesting not only because (in your case) you can talk w/ your fans but also because learning a language means to get to know more about the culture of a country, you know what I mean? (I hope so).
    Well, hope you're doing great there =) Best wishes from Spain!

  50. You are a beautiful man. I love you.

  51. Katakana will come with practice. Maybe you could read Japanese news or magazines? That's how I practice my reading with languages + keeping my foreign music in its original languages.

    P.S. Listen to Cobra Starships' songs You Make Me Feel... and replace Lalalalala Lalalalala with A Ka Sa Ta Na Ha Ma Ya Ra Wa. It fits too well.

  52. 재섭~♡일본어 공부화이팅♡
    당신과 일본어로 회화할 수 있으면 기뻐요^^
    영어에 약해서 한국어의 공부 노력하겠습니다ㅋㅋ
    재섭 사랑해~only u♡ㅎ ㅎ

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  54. So, we're the same I think. I master Hiragana first before Katakana. since Kpop Invasion I am more into Hangul now.
    You made a right choice for making this blog. You may not use Japanese there, but you can here.
    Btw, It's nice to see your blog kk^^
    Fighting for your first year in Columbia^^
    AJ, be a good student, k? ^^

  55. LOL I love how some people react like that. Makes you know who your real friends are, right? ^^ Anyways, good luck with your studies and I hope you'll succeed! =]

  56. Oh my gosh AJ! This is definitely a new way to connect with fans indeed! Haha this is so awesome! ^^"

    I hope things are going good at Columbia! =)

  57. I really like the fact that you're doing this ^^ it's totally awesome and cute that you want to have contact with your japanese fans! I wish you the best of the lucks studying the language. I love languages!

    Please, study spanish someday,your latin fans wants to comunicate better with you too ^^

    Greetings from Venezuela :3

  58. Don't worry AJ~ we know you can do it. Stop worrying about not mastering Japanese because that will not help you achieve your goals. So just do your best and we believe in you! FIGHTING!

  59. Please do not close this blog.
    If it thinks that AJ wants to be connected with the fan
    Thank you for your consideration

  60. Jaesop ah ~~~ cool, i'm in studying japanese too.. so we will can talk together soon. Hahahha
    Studie hard jaesop ah~~~
    We will wait you to comeback with ukiss
    Aj hwaiting ^^

  61. AJ is glad to write blog in Japanese!>_<

  62. Hi, AJ! Your Japanese is good.
    I always help your Japanese. Because you always give me a guts and energy!

    Thank you AJ. I can't wait for your comeback.

    Take care.

  63. AJ!! You're Japanese is really good ^__^ I'm in my 3rd year of studying Japanese right now. Don't worry, katakana is easy!I finally got to go to Japan over the summer and coincidentally you guys had your tour around that time. I couldn't go see you guys though TT_TT Ganbatte~Have fun!

  64. Awww jaeseop.. :') Study hard! I know you'll be fluent soon!
    You can do it~ Goodluck! We're waiting for you ♥

  65. Aww...(ToT) thanks jaeseop (ToT) u can do it ^^
    I wanna speak English for u n Eli n kevin ><
    いっしょに がんばろうね p(^^)q

  66. teach me Japanese too oppa >.< i'm not master at Katakana T.T,,,but Fighting oppaa!!!!

  67. Ah I'm in week 7 of Japanese and I am still struggling to master Katakana! Now we're starting kanji and getting more advanced into grammar, but it's a fun language to learn! Fighting! Your fans are behind you 100% including those of us here in the US!

  68. I look forward to reading about your adventures in the US and tackling of the Japanese language. I love that you shared this blog with your fans.

  69. ANNYEONG AJ!!!:):) so proud of you that your japanese is improving!:) when you get back, i bet you will be the best member at conversing in jap and the rest wouldn't understand you. HEHE all the best for your studies, work hard and also take care of yourself!:) LOVE<3

  70. wow your blog is funny !!! yeah 키스미 are very very proud of you make sure !!! and i miss you a lot in U-Kiss but it's for your studies and you're in Columbia !! it's not a Joke CO-LUM-BIA !!! i hope (and i know) you do anything for succed in your studies ! and just remember that : all the french KissMes believe in you ! for now and forever because you're one of a kind and you're Very very very important in our Heart ♥

    France wanna see you !


  71. AJのきもち ほんとうに うれしいです(*^^*)♡
    にほんごの べんきょう がんばって!
    また あえるのを たのしみに しています(^^)/

  72. Very glad;) I try English study hard, too !! I intend to study abroad !! . I do my best for a dream♥

  73. AJ, keep your efforts and you will be fluent soon. ^^ I also always wanted to learn Japanese. I'm so thankful for being able to read a blog written by yourself.

    Wishing you the best,
    Barbara (from Brazil)

  74. 미국에서 열심히 공부해서 일본에서 더 흥하길...♥ 해외에서 힘들어도 열심히 공부하길!! 나도 해외에서 열심히 살아가고 있을께용♥♥♥♥ 근데 유럽 쪽으로 놀러올 생각은 없어요 ^,^* ??? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  75. I have a question for everyone my friends keep telling me to learn French instead of Japanese’s only because my heritage is Mexican but I’m confused between Japanese and French I want to learn Japanese for the reason that I have always found Asian culture very interesting any advice for me I have this semester to think about it

    1. Well, it depends on you. Do what you think you'll be happy with. Japanese is fun, I really have great time learning it. It's hard to memorize kanji's though. As for French I don't have any idea other than they call 80 as four twenties XD

  76. じぇそぷさん♡
    もう ひらがなを masterしたんですね!♥
    さすが かしこいさんです(>_<)
    にほんごには ひらがなと かたかなと かんじ(chinese character)が あるので、たいへん ですね…。
    でも じぇそぷさんなら きっと masterできます♡
    Please believe your talent & efforts!
    わたしたちも しんじています♡

  77. Jaeseop Oppa(。•ㅅ•。)♡
    Thank U for sutudying Japanese!
    Ur words "by learning Japanese, I would like to become a step closer to my Japanese Fans" is pleasing to me:-)
    I'm rooting of you always.
    Oppa! U'll not regret, Please come Good luck with Ur studies(*^^*)


    (Sorry...I'm not good at EnglishX-<
    I also do my best to study English more. )

  78. Hi, Jaeseop oppa!!
    にほんごべんきょうしてくれてありがとう!!I am studying English and Korean. I think studying Japanese is difficult... Because it is difficult to speak Japanese, even though I am Japanese... However, I am believe you can do it!! Kim Jaeseop Fighting!!おうえんしてるよ!!

  79. AJ,,
    ほんとうに うれしいです(>_<)
    またにほんで あえるひを たのしみにしています!
    わたしは かんこくごの べんきょう、がんばるね!!


  80. Jaesopah~ We, kiss mes, miss you so much! ^^ study well, ok? :)) You really make me proud! Live well and take care of yourself! I know you can do good in class! FIGHTING! saranghaeyo jaesopah!^^ FIGHTING! ♥♥♥

    ps:I hope that you can come with UKISS here in the Philippines for the Dream Kpop Fantasy Concert! :) I'll be waiting for you!

  81. Always I love you♥ &
    So that you and your love is always happy☻

  82. Fare thee well to learn Japanese!!, I hope that one day as well try to learn Spanish, Latin American fans like us Korean or English, we would be very great to communicate with you without a translator: D, already waiting for him about 2013 look forward to your return *--* love yoou♥

    To Colombia

  83. じぇそさまー!
    まいにち にほんご べんきょう して いるんですね^^
    じぇそさまは あたまが いいから すぐに じょうずに
    なると おもいます✧
    わたしたちの アルバムは みてくれましたか?kk
    つぎに あう ときは にほんごで はなしましょう♪
    わたしも かんこくご もうちょっと やりますhaha
    きょうは ゆめに U-Kissのみんなが でてきました!
    ひさしぶりに じぇそさまにも あえて うれしかったです(^p^)

  84. You got this AJ(: Good luck on learning Japanese!(:

  85. I totally get what you mean about learning in the first few weeks. I've been studying Korean for the past year and a half, but I can still remember how excited I was about learning the basics. Within the first week I had memorized most of Hangul and by the time the first month was up I knew a whole slew of basic phrases and grammar points. ^.^ It was so encouraging to learn so much so fast.
    Good luck on mastering Japanese! If you study hard I'm sure you'll get it down in no time. :3

  86. Fighting AJ ^^, I'm learning Japanese too now...starting with Hiragana cause that one is easy ^^

  87. All the best to you AJ!! ^^ Do well in your studies and remember to always take good care of yourself. We're so proud of you. Hope to see you soon. Always be happy and healthy. We're always waiting patiently for you :)

  88. がんばってAJさん。ブラジルはあいしてユキス。

  89. I love Japanese!! I've studied it for 5 years and it still takes me a while to read katakana...hahahha~ I wish I was at least half fluent, but since I have no one to converse with...I am not good at speaking at all. T__T Good luck and have fun with your studying!! You'll do fine since you'll get many chances in the future to use it in Japan. :D

  90. Good luck with your studies Jaeseop. We love and miss you so much, but we wish you the best always!! Fighting!!

  91. I am glad to hear that you go forward learning Japanese!
    Now you mastered Hiragana, so Katakana is a piece of cake, too!
    It won't be long to master Katakana, we all know you are smart.

    Just 3 months more to see you in Japan.
    I am looking forward to seeing you how improve Japanese(^-^)

    from Kissme Japan.

    1. So, you're actually famous, AJ Kim? I can't imagine that the guy sitting beside me is famous. o/

      Just kidding. I'm your fan, Jaeseop. Keep it up :)

      And imagine your professor reading all the comments. Have to laugh at that.

  92. Im one of your fans in JPN~(*'▽`*)


  93. Good luck with Japanese AJ! I missed you in Stop Girl promotions! :(

  94. OMG! <3
    Now you blog as well? haha
    But love this, coz you are as if putting a diary up for us fans to really know you better!!! ^^v

    Gambatte!!! \(^.^\)

    Do great in studying and we miss you so so much! <3


  95. じぇそぷ\(^o^)/げんきですか?




    I say U! you say KISS!!!!
    만날 것을 기대하고 있어용^^♡♡

  96. Jaeseop, you know that you're my inspiration~ Hearing you learn Japanese makes me wanna learn Japanese too! Lets learn Japanese together so I can understand U-KISS and AKB48 (yea yea and animes too) take care of yourself in Columbia ^^


    -Aemin, KissMe Singapore

  97. Good luck with your studies! The sentence structures in Japanese and Korean can be quite similar, so remember not to confuse them! I've said "watashi wa joey입니다" many times when I first started learning the language =P

    That said, hope you're enjoying Psychology now, and the statistics and biopsychology are not screwing your neuron's action potential or putting excessive strain on your hippocampus XDXDXD
    Psych is an awesome major and, being in my final year in the course now, I don't regret taking it at all. Ganbatte fighting! =)

    ~joey aka tabrisangel, KissMe Singapore =)

  98. Oppa!!!!!!!
    i`m so glad that beside twitter, finally you have blog :D
    even it just for ur Japanese calss, but hey! thank you for mentioning us :D
    we miss you like crazy here :DD
    we laways wonder how "stop girl" look like if you join in ^^
    Study hard in US oppa, and back to us asap as better and stronger Kim Jae seop, our lovely AJ :DD

    idk what will ur professor think if he/she reads our comment :D
    i saw you spoke alot in Japanese during Japan tour..
    you`re good btw.. just study a little more then you can master it ^^

    take care there.. please always keep in touch with us..
    please write more :D
    we miss you AJ~~

    Love from Kissme Indonesia ^^

  99. Oppa, KISSMEs 너무 보노 싶어 so you better learn a lot in Columbia so we can say that your absence this whole time was completely worth it and we can feel proud of you ^^
    If you're feeling a little down or too overwhelmed by school, you can now just come back to this blog an read your support messages from your fans <3<3<3
    재섭 파이팅!!!

  100. AJ, I'm taking Japanese too!!!! Katakana isn't as hard as it sounds, but I haven't quite mastered it yet! Good luck, oppa! <3 Kissmes love you! <3

  101. I don't speak japanese but... Good luck oppa! FIGHTING! ♥

  102. This comment has been removed by the author.

  103. Keep up the good work, hwaiting! :)

  104. Oppa why not learn Arabic??? T_T To communicate with the Arab audience, there KissMe too many Arabs , I am KissMe Arab from Saudi , I am a big fan of U-Kiss

  105. Good luck on your new blog and mastering Katakana! your very smart so I believe you will be able to get the hang of it in no time. I hope New york is treating you well and that you've adjusted to living there. (^-^)v , You made some new friends I hope? Always rooting for you! 頑張って !~ よい学生は一生懸命勉強する =P あなたはいい人ですよ ~


  106. Good luck, AJ! hope we'll meet one day.. oppa~

  107. Hey oppar! :) Know what? I was soo happy when you created this blogspot acc! :D because I created mine 1 day before you made yours!
    OMGGG i already miss you a lot already, please do your best in the university! i know that you can always make it! ^^
    I also hope that..i can see you on K-POP Fantasy Concert on January next year here in Philippines where U-KISS is joining...but no hopes for that :( I know you're too busy in school T_T

    Please know that you have many supporters in Philippines too! We wanted to see you but yeah...ermmmmm
    anyways! best luck!

    WE LOVE YOU! <3333333333

  108. You're doing a really great job AJ! I've been learning Japanese at school for the past 3 years, but I have a feeling you'll be better than me within a matter of months! :D

    앞으로도 많이 응원하겠습니다~ 재섭 오빠 화이팅!! ^^

  109. AJ fighting!! :D You're the best!

  110. I hope you always update in English so I do not need to translate it through Google~ LOL~

  111. Wowowowow! Nice one AJ! :) You smarty pants! Study well okay?! Fighting and God bless!^^

  112. わ!AJ-さんの日本語は上手と思います。

    I'm pretty sure there are spelling mistakes, but hey, beginner here. Hope you guys come to Australia one day ><

  113. AJ !! study hard !!
    we can't wait to see u on the stage again !!!

    Indonesia <3 AJ ^^


  115. 와! I miss you 재섭앙! ᅮvᅮ Goodluck on your studies! 화이팅 <3

  116. Aww~. Good luck AJ with your studying and this blog seems like a really nice idea. :) We miss you and will wait~. <3

  117. I think you will be able to speak Japanese perfectly.
    i am always supporting you in Japan.
    if you are possible,it is a good way asking your members (for example,,,Dongho kkk) when you have things which can't understand about japanese!
    어락을 공부하는것은 넘 재미있죠?
    힘들다고 생각하지만 화이팅!!
    나도 영어열공할게요...대학수험을위해서!
    소러 홧팅~!

    1. "어락"이 아니고 "어학"이요 ㅠ
      this was my typing mistake!

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  119. i miss you Jaesop.<3;;
    good luck..!

  120. wow...!!!! oppa, this is amazing!!!
    i just waiting you comeback to the stage....
    just bloging with english, so i can understand what you mean
    i don't know my spelling right or not. i am not prety good in english
    come to see my blog too ^^


  121. AJ-san!! You better be return to Korea with amazing grades! You gave me the strength for studying hard, so yeah lol fighting!

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  123. wow~I'm learning Japanese too^^
    Are you going to learn Chinese too ?? that's cool !

  124. Good luck Aj Fighting!! From Israeli kissme ^^~♥

  125. Good Luck from all the kiss-me in Israel <3

  126. AJ miss you so much. greetings from Colombia I hope you come back soon to U-Kiss, I hope you are very diligent in your classes. good luck^^

  127. AJ OPPA ...Difficult, but I'm sure I'm happy for Japanese fans are supporting TURKEY. big love.GOOD LUCK !!! FİGHTING

  128. waaaaa~
    oppa, I think your Japanese have been good~ ^ ^
    ah, by the way how are you oppa?
    did you knonw I really miss you?
    Are you eat well? Take your healthy for your the best, oppa.
    Hmm... Have you met with a good friend? Are you feel happy there?
    Oh, I really miss you Jaeseop oppaaaaa~ >________<
    How about your exam?
    Fighting for your study, oppa and go back A.S.A.P!!! >_______<
    Take car your self there. ^ ^
    We love you. ^ ^

    Kisses from me~ ♥

  129. Oppa why not learn Arabic??? T_T To communicate with the Arab audience, there KissMe too many Arabs , I am KissMe Arab from Saudi , I am a big fan of U-Kiss , Oppa Reply to me please ):

  130. 頑張って お兄さん ^^
    So I guess you aren't coming to Malaysia for the KPOP STORM event huh? It's kinda sad because Malaysia KissMes can't see you perform live. Anyway, I am not going to the concert because I have to sit for my examination >_<
    Promise me you'll come to Malaysia (with UKISS for sure) again..next year maybe? :P I'm looking forward to see you guys!
    Good luck in your study and ALL THE BEST! Oppa HWAITING!

    P.S Learn to speak chinese if possible. lol :P

  131. If this is for school...
    I wanna see what your professor's face will look like once he/she sees how many comments from all your fans are posting. hehe... is that weird? o_0
    Anyways, good luck with school! :]

  132. AJ is a genius, you can do everything! Learning Japan won't be too hard for you ^^

  133. Jaeseop fighting! <3
    Good luck, we will wait you oppa :)
    Kisses from Italy!

  134. Hi AJ!
    I really hope you read this.
    I'm very happy that you made a blog! :)
    I am a Kiss Me from Finland.
    I really think you are excellent in Japanese! I've took Japanese classes and I can say that it's not an easy language!
    I miss you, and I hope you are doing well in USA, and having fun :)
    I wish you the best of luck as you study Japanese. When ever it feels hard, and you feel like giving up, think about Kiss Me's and the rest of the boys in U-Kiss, I'm sure it will give you strength!

  135. I'm still trying to understand what kind of blog is this, what type of atmosphere you must pass. You have to make posts of what was learned?
    Well, i'm not going to lie, the trully is i'm curious to what you have learned from Japanese.
    Good luck.

  136. HI AJ! ♥
    I wish u all of the best luck with this blog and ur school in the US :D ♥♥ We KissMes love u and we will wait for u! :D ♥♥ Hwaiting! :D

  137. well! you can do it I believe that! God bless your way!
    and be back soon ASAP! Mr.Qoo!!! >_^)b

  138. Wow, it's really amazing that you do a band. Maybe you can do a performance sometime for the class!:)

  139. So cool that you started a blog (: You study hard and sleep well. Us Kissmes will be waiting for your return to U-Kiss. AJ Fighting~!

  140. AJ, you are going to do well! Have confidence in yourself. You come too far to quit now! Always strive for the best! Love u and God Bless! Smile! ;) ♥

  141. Good luck with learning Japanese!
    KissMes are very proud of you.
    AJ Fighting! (From Brazil)

  142. Learning foreign languages will always b fun n interesting although in the process u'll find many obstacles of course..
    But i believe u can conquer it coz u are our intelligent AJ ^^
    Good luck! Kim Jae Seop fighting! p^^ 사랑해~~

    KissMes CINTA U-KISS

  143. the fact that JaeSeop made a blogger- made me smile like an idiot since last nigh(morning? o.O) 'till now :x I still can't stop smiling ^^ it really makes me happy that JaeSeop made a blogger and . . .I hope that you update it often ^o^ *kai's boob-grab motion* (oh~ god why o.o I hope if you -by chance- read this know what that last part meant- otherwise I'll just look like a creepy perv ><" aigu~) annyoung ^^ and good-luck with your studies ^^

  144. こんにちはAJ!
    I'm happy that you learning Japanese ^^
    I'm studying English and Hangul hard. I'll do my best like you.
    AJに あえるひを たのしみに まっています
    from Japan with love

  145. hi aj! :) good luck on your japanese studies! :) by the time you finish your japanese course, you will be the japanese guru in ukiss! :)) hahaha.

    PS. I hope your prof will not be overwhelmed by the number of comments here in your blog. :D

  146. Good luck AJ!! You seem to be doing very well :)

  147. Well , it looks hard .. But I do believe you oppa ;D

  148. Hey AJ! All the best in your studies! Hope you are doing well in NY :) will be waiting patiently until the day you are on the same stage with U-KISS again <3 By the way, I'm so excited for the fact that you have a blog now and can't wait for your next blog update ^^ looking forward to it \(^_^)/

  149. Hey AJ!
    I love that you opened a Blogspot :D I learnt Japanese for a few months as well but I stopped and now I've forgotten everything :\
    Anyways, since you're already multi-lingual, I think picking up another language would be more instinctual for you :)
    All the best of luck! We'll be supporting you all the way and waiting for your return ^^ Words can't express how proud we U-Kiss fans are of you ♥


  150. Hi AJ! I don't know if you will ever read my comment, but I just wanna say this to you :)

    You're a really huge inspiration to me.

    You being able to juggle your studies and career at the same time is something I wish I could do. Columbia University probably isn't the easiest university to get into. Yet you did it, despite your busy schedule. Your time management skills must be awesome! You are proof that it is possible to balance everything, even with a whole lot of things going on in your life. You are my role model for time management from now on.

    Your choice to enter university and put your career with U-Kiss on hold mustn't have been an easy decision. I admire your courage and determination to continue with your studies, even though you could have simply continued with your career in K-pop. I truly respect you for your decision.

    When I heard that you are majoring in psychology in Columbia, I was really excited. I aim to enter a psychology course in university after I complete my A Levels two years from now. Learning that you have chosen to major in psychology just makes me want to work even harder to achieve my goal and if possible, apply for a scholarship.

    The fact that you want to learn the Japanese language to communicate with your Japanese fans is really touching as well. I hope that you will be successful in mastering Japanese and maybe proceed to learn even more languages!

    AJ, you're now my motivation to study harder to achieve what I want. I also look to you as an example of how a person can manage his time well. From now on, whenever I find myself being pressed for time, I will remind myself of you, and how you are able to cope with studies even though you have a busy schedule as a K-pop idol.

    I wish you all the best for your studies in Columbia and I hope that you will be safe ^^ Study hard and join U-Kiss again soon~ KissMes all miss you :)

    I apologise for the ridiculously long comment. I really had to say this. :)

    KissMe from Singapore :)

  151. Hey AJ, IDK if you have still check this but just so you know I wish you all the best and hope youre doing great in NY. Although my selfish me wishes you to realize how boring college life is and go back to your fans (god knows sometimes I just wish I were and idol and not to worry about tests and readings anymore). No but really, study hard and take care!

  152. Hi AJ! all the best for you in learning Japanese! :D
    AJ can do it!!!! ^^ Japanese fans must be happy and they're so lucky :D
    btw, nowadays im also learning Japanese a bit so maybe next time when you tweet in Japanese i can understand it also ^^ hehe

  153. annyeong and konnichiwa to you AJ oppa, I'm a KissMe from Malaysia and I miss you a lot!! and please make a comeback soon!
    i am learning a japanese language too because i want to comunicate with japanese people! well i'm a japanese freak xD
    and, i hope you will study good and FIGHTING!!!
    SARANGHAE (。・ω・。)ノ♡

  154. Oppa FIGhTING^^
    YOU ARE THE Best IN everything ..
    Amm ..i want to learn JAPANESE language ..because i realy love them and love their language
    oppa can i learn with you !!!!!!!
    Ah ..i hope that <3
    can you learn arabic for arabic fans ^^
    forexample :أحبك
    That means I LOVE YOU in arabic ..<3

  155. وانا امووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووووت فيه ^^
    KissMe Arab from Saudi

  156. That's amazing, now on I am learning Japanese too, but I started one year ago.. Keep making the best effort and you are going to see how you will learn more things, ton of things!

  157. thats so cool oppa! do well in school. HWAITING~!

  158. I dont know if you ever read this, but I am Japanese, and I am also studying as an undergrad for 4 month at your school. =)
    There is a japanese conversation group every other friday and you get to practice your japanese there. you should come visit us sometime!


  159. AJ oppaa!! ♥♥ I live in Israel! and im a big fan! why wont you learn Hebrow too ? ^^ love ya!

  160. 재섭아~♡
    내일은 12월에 있는 일본에서의 유키스의 이벤트의 당선 발표의 날이에요.당선하고 있는 듯 하게 빌어 주세요.재섭이 없습니다만 가요!기다리고 있습니다.


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  162. This comment has been removed by the author.

  163. fighting AJ oppa !! good luck learn japanese language !!! fighting!!

  164. good job oppa!!
    i hope you'll learn (bahasa) Indonesian too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    we'll missing you oppa!!! :)

  165. I just knew you from U-KISS because I like your album in Japan
    I really appreciated your decision to study!
    Really I'm just 15 y.o and I'm try to catch my dream become physiology
    i know it's harder... but you make me believe if idol like you become a serious for this why i'm not?
    So thanks for Inspiration
    and well I started to study Japanese because i like it, although because your song too
    Well... Keep Study Hard because 昨日より今日、今日より明日…( i really Love this phrase)

  166. Dear Jaeseop Kim,

    First off..I just want to say how remarkable you are. You do a lot of things that many of us can only dream about, and yet you're so humble about it. Somehow, that's a trait I wish I could have.

    I had a question, since you have experience with it...which would you say I should do? I am keeping in mind that any final decisions are made on my part. But I just wanted to learn your perspective...which do you think would be easier-- learning Korean or Japanese? I know learning something is never "easy" but speaking from your view point--as someone who knows both languages a fair amount-- I was wondering if there are any similarities that you see between the two languages, such as grammar, sentence structure, etc.? If it helps or not you could take into account I learned Japanese by myself a few years ago, and I memorized all of my Hiragana too!

    Anyways...I'm not even sure if you'll see this...and I'm extremely sorry for this long comment! I hope your first semester at college is going well, and that you're adjusting to American customs ok. My first semester is going well..let's finish our first semesters strong, ok Oppa? FIGHTING!!

    1. "First off..I just want to say how remarkable you are. You do a lot of things that many of us can only dream about, and yet you're so humble about it. Somehow, that's a trait I wish I could have. " <--- damn I love these words...?!!!

  167. Thank you AJ Oppa! It's very sweet of you to do this for us fans!
    I'm sure you will pick up Japanese fast since the grammar is almost the same as Korean and Oppa you are a smart person :)
    Good luck on your study and hope that one day I can get to see you in Tokyo.

  168. That's really so nice from you ;) study hard!!FIGHTING!!:D

  169. WAHH so you're studying Japanese? Good luck Jaeseop Kim!
    Maybe, you can come back to UKiss and compose a Japanese song after this. I miss you so bad AJ. Come back soon. :) lotsa love from Malaysia <3

  170. While you study Japanese, I'm studying Korean so I can understand you better. Let's do our best!

  171. You already fluent in Japanese AJ Oppa.. ^^ Why you need to study it again...??
    Is this one of your assignment... ^_<
    By the way.. Hope you got a higher pointer in your last term..

    P.s: I'm big fan of you..